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Upload the files

Download the separate Catalyst RocketLauncher package ( from the Catalyst template downloads section. Unzip the RocketLauncher package, after which you will have a folder named "Joomla_RT_Catalyst_j15". Using your FTP client, upload all of the files inside of the "Joomla_RT_Catalyst_j15" folder (not the folder itself) to your server as you would a standard Joomla installation package. You upload the files with a FTP client such as Filezilla. Want to learn more...?

Run the Installer

Point your browser to the location where you uploaded your RocketLauncher files (whichever domain/folder you uploaded to, generally the root of your web server). You will then see the Joomla 1.5 installation screen. Follow the Joomla installation on screen instructions. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the LOAD SAMPLE DATA button in step 6 of the installation in order to load all of the demo content into your installation.